Environment Week

Our School will be dedicating a whole week to the environment. This is going to be held between Monday 16th November 2015 and Friday 20th November 2015. The following is the programme planned by the Environment Committee:

Monday 16th: Composting

Tuesday 17th: Outings

Wednesday 18th: Green day

Children to wear green tops and school tracksuit trousers. On this day we will be selling plants and used books. Should you have any recycling materials to throw away, bring them to school, on this day, in order to teach our pupils how they should be disposed of appropriately.

Thursday 19th: Talks for students and parents from Grade 1 to Grade 6 at 9:00am.

Friday 20th: Bring yoghurt cup with soil or tetrapack carton with soil for planting seeds. If possible some seeds or cuttings for planting. Children should have their names on the cups/cartons.

The outings for Tuesday 17th November are as follows:

Grade 1 will be going to Jardinland in Xemxija – Planting will be the main focus.
Grades 2 & 5 will be going to Vortex – Limits of Imġarr – Planting, Pottery and Permaculture will be the main focus.
Grade 3 will be going to Manikata – The importance of farming and feeding of animals, planting and an educational walk in the countryside will be the main focus.
Grade 4 will be going to Wied Qirda limits of Siġġiewi/Qormi for a Ramblers’ walk. They will be guided by professional environmentalists.
Grade 6 will be going to Buskett. They will be guided by professional environmentalists and they will be given seeds to plant.

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