Our Staff

Our School Staff for Scholastic Year 2021-2022

We are a school with a big heart! Our big heart includes everyone!

Senior Leadership Team:

– Headmistress: Sr Antonia Bugeja DSH, B.A. (Theology), PGCE, M.A. (Spirituality)

– Assistant Head: Ms Marise Bugeja B.Ed. (Hons.), P.G.D.E.A.M
– Assistant Head: Ms Annabella Gauci B.Ed. (Hons.), M.A. (Rel. Stud.), M.A. Catholic School Leadership
– Assistant Head: Ms Sonia Bezzina B.A. (Arch. & Hist.), PGCE, M.A. (Baroque Studies)

School Secretary:

Ms Christabel Mizzi Conti

The Kindergarten School at Hamrun includes:

– Sr Rita Gauci, who is in charge of the running of the school together with the SLT at Marsa,

– 5 Kindergarten Educators:

– 5 Class Assistants and a number of LSEs according to the number of statemented pupils with special needs

– 1 Domestic person.

Kindergarten 1:

Ms Miriam Aguis
Ms Abigail Attard

Kindergarten 2:

Ms Katya Ciappara
Ms Miriam Mansueto
Ms Lucia Vella

The Primary School at Marsa includes:

Year 1:

Ms Marisa Sammut

Ms Katya Mercieca

Year 2:

Ms Alison Axisa

Ms Kym Bianco

Year 3:

Ms Ylenia Camilleri

Ms Alexia Morcelet (Ms Franca Buttigieg for the first term only)

Year 4:

Ms Daniela Spiteri

Mr Joseph Vella

Year 5 & 6: Teachers teach by subject:

Ms Rita Bellizzi – Maths and PSCD both Grades

Mr Roderick Spiteri – English and ICT both Grades

Ms Michelle Pace Moore – Maltese both Grades & Social Studies Grade 5

Mr Raymond Muscat – Religion both Grades, Science both Grades and Social Studies Grade 6

– A number of LSEs according to the number of statemented pupils with special needs

IT Technician – Mr Patrick Ruggier

-1 handyman

– 5 domestic persons

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