Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To keep up the school motto, ‘Love and Diligence’, Theresa Nuzzo School promotes and enhances, the academic, social, physical, moral and spiritual dimensions of every pupil with the help of parents, teachers and all the staff, to create a Catholic environment, following the principles of the Foundress Mother Maria Theresa Nuzzo.

Our Vision

To create an environment which is conducive to learning. The main aim is to build a community which includes all stakeholders involved; pupils, staff and parents, to apply a cycle of continuous improvement. Our school shares a collective responsibility for the learning of all pupils within the school system. Having collective participation of a whole school, as well as that of each individual, helps a vision become reality. When a school is driven by high expectations and a shared vision by all stakeholders, a marked change for all individuals concerned is evident.

The aims of Religious and Moral Education in our school

  1. To introduce our pupils to the life of Jesus Christ and to those who have responded to his life and teaching.
  2. To provide our pupils with a faith by which to live.
  3. To help develop and to enable our pupils to express their own beliefs and values.
  4. To help our pupils to be open and sensitive towards people whose religious beliefs and customs are different from their own.
  5. To help our pupils develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially.
  6. To help our pupils become familiar with the spirit of Maria Theresa Nuzzo, that is, LOVE and SIMPLICITY; to live it and share it with the outer world. test


Following the example of Mother Foundress, the teacher at Theresa Nuzzo School attends to the sanctification of others when she/he educates the young and adults, giving them instructions adapted to their social condition to enrich their minds with useful knowledge and form their hearts according to the same principles of our religion. She/He trains them in a variety of arts which will enable them to earn an honest living. (Const. 1913, Part 1, Ch 1, art 3)

All the staff of Theresa Nuzzo School, are bound to have this APOSTOLIC WORK OF EDUCATION at their heart. Some would work directly in this field of education, while others through their help, will enable this apostolate to run smoothly. Even those who do not have a direct contact with the children in education and feel that their work is hidden, in one way or another come in touch with the children. No one of you should shun the company of children because every one can educate, if each one of us is filled with the spirit of love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our apostolate should be the topic discussed often so that all will feel included and participating in this apostolic work and none should take to herself/himself any good that is done through her/his zeal. Let us be thankful to God who chose to have us as instruments for spreading His kingdom on earth. All members should support each other in the toil and sufferings of our apostolate.

The teacher must aim to become as qualified and efficient as possible with the sole aim in mind of giving the best education possible. Never should a teacher aspire for self-esteem through high qualifications. The acquisition of further qualifications should increase a sense of responsibility for a better service to her/his neighbour. The teachers must keep in mind that, “They, as the wise virgins are expected to carry in their hearts the lamps of their good works lit up. In this way, they will enlighten these tender children by their example, the pious teaching and their useful arts.” (Const, 1913, Part V, Ch11. art 3)

Education in general and particularly that of little children naturally involves much sacrifice. To master and practise it meritoriously as God would like, those who devote themselves to the welfare of others, to do it is necessary to carry one’s duties with a supernatural intention and ask Him for Patience, Kindness, Prudence and the other virtues that are necessary. (Const, 1913, Part V, Ch IV, art 1)

A true teacher at Theresa Nuzzo School should be a person of mature behaviour, reliable and fully committed to her/his cause. She/He must accomplish the task entrusted to her/his care by God Himself, with cheerful readiness striving to achieve as much perfection as possible. She/He should be accurate and punctual in her duty, all the time rendering her/his service with utmost care and concern. In all that she/he does she/he should be guided by charity and must have the love of God as her/his aim.

All through her/his life, each member at Theresa Nuzzo School must keep in mind that God helps her/him with His light and grace as much as she/he requires. He renders fruitful the seeds she/he has sown. She/He may not see the fruit of her/his labour ripening. Hence there is a greater need to place all her/his trust in the Heart of Jesus whose glory she/he seeks in all that she/he does. She/He must always have the courage to go on being a true Christian, a zealous apostle and a worthy daughter of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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