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Madre Maria Theresa Nuzzo, the foundress of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart was born on the 11th May, 1851 in Valletta. The urge for education was present in her since her youth. Hence, when she started the Congregation, she brought with her the same spirit to the first members which in turn kept the spirit alive till today.

Maria Theresa was aware that society was in need of more educators so she involved herself fully in the field of education, particularly that of teaching in schools, as well as in Christian Doctrine centres, after school hours.

Maria Theresa was very concerned about the children’s human and spiritual dignity, not solely in school, but in every sphere of society. She showed the children a lot of love. The foundress emphasized these goals:
a. The development of their intellectual capacities,
b. Their initiation to interpersonal relations,
c. Their preparation for a holistic life.

She urged the teachers to:
a. instill in the children’s hearts the love for the Divine Heart of Jesus,
b. help children to be devoted towards our Lady,
c. teaching children about the Guardian Angel,
d. teach modesty.

The children were the main focus of Maria Theresa and her main concern was to guide them to God. In her eyes, educating the children holistically was in itself God’s work. She used to remind her teachers that:

“They must love their students and be loved by them, because of their supernatural dignity and the immortal destiny of their souls. If teachers look at their students this way, they will find out that their defects do not prevent them from loving them”.

From the start, the foundress presented LOVE and DILIGENCE as the most important qualities in a teacher. She also wanted the teachers:
a. to show a tender love for their students,
b. not to be too severe with students so as not to make them dislike school,
c. to treat children very gently,
d. to avoid softness.

The loving tenderness of Maria Theresa shows her deep love for God. The Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart, which was founded in 1903, still continues her mission of education in line with her ideals, while adapting methods to fit in with today’s situations.

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We welcome back to school today all of our staff. We wish you all a great year together with our pupils and their parents. May Mother Foundress Maria Teresa Nuzzo guide us on this journey. May God bless us all abundantly to be His light to all. ... See MoreSee Less
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