Yr 6 Pupils versus Staff!

Friendly football Matches between TNS staff and Grade 6 Children.

Girls versus Female Staff & Boys versus Male Staff

Referees: Mr Matthew Bartolo for the Female Match
Sr Antonia Bugeja for the Male Match

I always used to remember the excitement I had when I used to represent my school in sporting events. More clearly I remember the numerous amount of games we used to play against the teachers and staff. I wanted this feeling to be present in our children at school as well so I decided to get things rolling and organise once a term sporting events, starting off with football.

The atmosphere was great as the kids got to see a different side to the people who normally have to keep order, check if they are okay, teach them, watch what they do – yes us teachers, LSAs and staff.

I always believe that sport brings people together and in this event it surely did. Let’s look forward to more sporting events like this 🙂

Mr M. Bartolo
PE Teacher


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