TNS goes Swimming again :)

After the success we had with our Grade 3 students last year, TNS has yet again embarked on another set of swimming sessions for our students, this time round giving access to our young Grade 2’s, who were extremely excited to hear that they were going to have three swimming sessions. At TNS we believe that these experiences serve as:
1) Compulsory lessons stated in the Physical Education Syllabus,
2) Fundamental basic life skill situations for the children.

We believe that these sessions can provide skills which cannot be experienced in classroom settings. They have certainly helped the children enjoy and experience swimming in a different way. Our students have acquired good swimming coaching by qualified and experienced instructors/teachers, thanks to Sport Malta and improved their confidence and capability in the water, together with fundamental everyday life skills such as:
1. Socialising with other children,
2. Peer learning/feedback- positive feedback from child to child and possible coaching of one another,
3. Responsibility of personal belongings- taking care of bag shoes lunch and all personal items,
4. Time management- having to get undressed/dressed and ready within a specific time limit,
4. Self care- the ability to change independently and with as little help as possible,
5. Personal hygiene- immediately taking a shower after any physical activity/exercise.

All of these factors contribute to the physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being of the child. Therefore developing our children with a holistic approach by participating in physical activity.

Yours in Sport

Mr Matthew Bartolo
PE Teacher

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