Storytelling is a very important part of teaching because through storytelling, learning is both more efficient and more memorable.

For children who live through their imaginations, story telling is deeply nourishing for their hearts and souls. Stories should be chosen carefully in order to really speak to the children in each stage of development.

Kindergarten children enjoy listening to stories.

On Thursday 3rd March, it was nice to watch each and every Kinder class during storytelling. The children really enjoyed the session.

The stories told were as follows:

Kinder 1 Ms Miriam Agius – Who ever heard of a tiger in a pink hat?
Kinder 1 Ms Kathleen Spiteri – Happy Happy Dilly Dog
Kinder 2 Ms Miriam Mansueto – The Bear who wouldn’t share
Kinder 2 Ms Katya Ciappara – Five little ducks
Kinder 2 Ms Lucia Vella – Silly Sally

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