Second Visit by Ms Gauci

The second visit to the ─Žamrun Kinder school was again a very pleasant one. It was great watching our creative Kindergarten Assistants and LSAs at work with our youngest pupils. The children looked very happy with their teachers. The teachers and LSAs are very well organised and excellent classroom management could be observed. Well done to all!

Ms Kathleen’s Spiteri’s class were keen on tasting the biscuits their teacher was doing! The best thing observed was their enthusiasm when Ms Kathleen opened two eggs to be added to the mixture to form a dough. They clapped happily.

Ms Miriam Agius’ class were learning number value and adding numbers 1 – 9. All the pupils waited for their turn in order to use the Interactive Whiteboard to work out an addition sum.

Ms Katya Ciappara’s class were doing group work. The teacher was giving individual attention to the different groups one by one in order to use sponges cut in different shapes with pink paint.

Ms Lucia Vella’s class were doing a PE lesson which they were really enjoying. The pupils moved about according to the teacher’s instructions.

Ms Miriam Mansueto was on Bereavement Leave. May her father rest in peace with our Heavenly Father.

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