School Uniform

Update for Scholastic Year 2018-2019

Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are expected to wear their full uniform including:


Boys: wine coloured shorts and cream polo shirt, black shoes and short grey socks.
Girls: wine coloured culottes and cream polo shirt, black flat shoes and short grey socks.


The blazer is compulsory for Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 (where the sizes are still available for year 3s until the uniform is phased out for Years 1-4).
Boys: wine blazer, grey striped trousers, cream shirt and school tie, grey jersey with wine stripes on neckline & cuffs, grey socks and black shoes.
Girls: wine blazer, grey striped trousers/culottes, cream shirt and school bow, grey jersey with wine stripes on neckline & cuffs, grey socks/tights and black shoes.
Wine rain jacket (no other coloured jackets are allowed).

Physical Education Wear:

Summer: blue shorts (those who still have their grey one may use it) and short sleeved blue T-Shirt with school logo and short grey socks.
Winter: grey and wine school track suit with a white polo neck or white round neck underneath and grey socks.
Black running shoes (no other colours are allowed).

Other outings and activities:

On any outings children are to wear according to teacher’s instructions:


Full-uniform for cultural outings and performances (unless told otherwise by teacher)
P.E. outfit for any outings in the countryside (unless told otherwise by teacher)
For school parties/on birthdays children are allowed to wear any other decent casual outfit.
Girls are allowed to wear small button-like earrings and white bows/hair bands. Nail polish is NOT allowed.
No gelled hair or fancy hairstyles are allowed.

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