School Uniform

Update for Scholastic Year 2021-2022

Students are expected to wear their uniform as follows:

Summer: blue shorts and short sleeved blue T-Shirt with school logo and short grey socks. School cap for sunny days. Black running shoes (no other colours are allowed).

Winter: grey and wine school track suit with a beige turtleneck underneath and grey socks. Black running shoes (no other colours are allowed).

Wine rain jacket and the varsity jacket (no other coloured jackets are allowed).

Grey knitted scarf, gloves and beanie (no other colours are allowed).

All these are to be bought from Eagle-K-Wear in Mrie─žel (easily found on Google Maps)

For school parties/on birthdays, children are allowed to wear any other decent casual outfit.
Girls are allowed to wear small button-like earrings. Nail polish is NOT allowed.
No gelled hair or fancy hairstyles are allowed.

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