Prayer Spaces – Lent 2020

During Lent, prayer spaces were being organized in our school. Each week a theme was chosen. Activities related to each theme took place according to the creativity of each class teacher. The themes were: “Jesus I love you”, where the kids made a heart and offered it to Jesus by putting it near a large cross in the school hall while reciting the prayer: “Jesus, I love you.” The second prayer space was “Jesus, hold my hand.” The children drew and painted their hand and offered it to Jesus, by putting it in one of the baskets in front of the Via Crucis made up of playmobile toys by our headmistress and one of our Kindergarten Educators. The last prayer space was called: “Jesus is my light.” In the chapel, the children formed a single line, and while passing a candle to each other, they recited the prayer “Jesus is my light.” At the end of this moment of prayer, together we sang the songs, “This Little Light of Mine” and “Jump into the Light.” During these moments, the kids, although very young, began to learn how to relate with their best friend, Jesus.

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