Lenten Spiritual Activities

The last week of the second term was dedicated to spiritual activities related to lent in preparation for Holy Week and Easter Sunday. On Tuesday 20th March, we invited the Puppets for Jesus Team, nine members in all, of which three were priests. These acted out a short story to the pupils whereby they taught them about Joy, Truth and giving Aid to those in need. The team was very well prepared and the pupils really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday 21st March and Thursday 22nd March, Ms Christine Zammit, LSE, set up various Prayer Spaces stations around the school and also went over to all the classes to speak with the children about various values and to pray together making use of the Prayer Spaces stations set up. Also, Fr Dominic Mangani was present at school on Wednesday 21st for confession with our Years 4-6 pupils.

On Friday 23rd March, feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, we celebrated Mass together at the Holy Trinity Parish Church.

We are sure our pupils have acquired values throughout these four days. Let us continue to help them grow closer to Jesus.

Ms A. Gauci

Assistant Head

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