Lent at TNS Ħamrun


The baking of figolli has become a school tradition during the last week of the 2nd term. On Monday 14th March, the kindergarten classes started working on the pastry for the figolli. Different ingredients were introduced to the pupils. Thus, this helped the pupils enhance their vocabulary.

The next day, the pupils, together with their teacher, rolled out the pastry. Every one used a heart-shaped figolli cutter and the pupils started to cut figolli shapes out of the pastry. This helped the pupils to improve their fine motor skills and to learn more about shapes and sizes.

Finally, all the figolli were baked in the oven. On Thursday 17th everyone decorated the figolli using icing. As usual, this was a fun experience for us teachers as well as our pupils. The pupils took their figolli home on the last day of the term.

The Last Supper

On Friday 18th March, the school celebrated ‘The Last Supper’. Tables were prepared with special bread and ribena drink which symbolized wine. The lights were switched off and candles were lit. The celebration was started off with the class teacher washing the pupils’ right foot, one by one. In the meantime, our pupils were told that this is what Jesus had done to his disciples, which means that we should do nice things for each other such as sharing and helping others. The celebration also involved a meal. The pupils were told that this was Jesus’ last meal with his disciples right before he died on the cross. The pupils and the teacher sat around the table. The teacher cut some bread and shared it with the children. Then the teacher poured the children some Ribena drink.

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