Lent 2017

On Ash Wednesday, to accustom the children with catholic traditions, the storytelling activity held in our classroom was about the season of lent. The story related was ‘Jesus in the Garden’. After question time, the Ash Wednesday rite took place in a very simple way – making a cross with my tumb on each kid’s forehead while saying the prayer: “Jesus Loves You”. Then the children made a heart craft and offered it to Jesus. Everyday during Lent, the children attached small hearts on a cross, in
our religion corner, for every act of love made for Jesus.

Ms Kathleen Spiteri
Kinder 1

During the last week of the second term, amongst other lent/Easter activities, we have helped our pupils to prepare some Figolli. This helped the children to learn a lot about the different ingredients used to prepare this popular traditional Easter sweet. The children first learned how to make a sweet dough. They had fun getting their hands dirty in order to get the Figolli done :-). When they were ready, they also had the opportunity to enjoy decorating them. Eventually on Easter Sunday, we hope they will have a great time eating them too!

Ms Miriam Agius
Kinder 1

What a fun filled 2 weeks we had!! From figolli making and decorating to The Passover Meal. We started with the cooking of figolli and making various Easter crafts. The Passover meal and washing of the feet was a new and exciting experience for most of the kids at school even for the teachers.

Ms Lucia Vella
Kinder 2

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