KG1 Ms Kathleen Spiteri

Literacy Week Activities

Between the 14th and the 18th of October our school organized Literacy Week. One of the activities was storytelling about Dinosaurs by Ms Christine. After listening to the story and participated in various activities in relation to the story, the pupils played some games and made some crafts in relation to this story.


“Going on a Leaf Hunt.”  After listening to the story the pupils participated in a roleplay in relation to the story. The pupils made a craft about autumn leaves. Together we also learned a song “Orange, Yellow, Red & Brown”. The kids really enjoyed themselves throwing leaves all around.

Sensory and Fine Motor Skills Activities

Pupils were exposed to different kinds of sensory and fine motor skills activities to enhance their coordination during movement, for example the synchronization of the hands and fingers together with their eyes. They threaded beads and picked up cotton balls with pegs from egg cartons. They also washed toys and dolls and filled small objects with lentils and cereals.

Hula Hoop Play

In one of the activities during physical activity time, each pupil was given a hula hoop and had some time of free play with this hoop. The kids rolled, threw and caught, jumped in and passed through these hula hoops. It was surely great fun!

Pretend Play

During this activity the pupils pretended they were off for a picnic. They prepared everything themselves for the picnic. Then together we were off for this picnic. Upon arrival they settled down and started to eat the fruits they had prepared.

School Updates

Thanks to @SmilingwithJerome Foundation...we now have a swing and slide added to our sensory yard.@Josette Frendo ... See MoreSee Less
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