KG1 Ms Miriam Agius

Little Artists – The children were encouraged to paint freely on cling film with a paint brush.  This stimulates their creativity.

Literacy week – We read and acted out the story of The Little Red Riding Hood. We decided to make some cookies for our grandmother. The children were very excited to make cookies for their grannies.

Halo day – During this day, various games were prepared to give some information about saints while at the same time stimulating their gross motor skills.

The story of St Martin – The children first watched a video on the life of St Martin and then two children from kinder 2 acted out the story.

Sensory Play – This is very important in early childhood development because it provides opportunities for children to use their senses as they explore the world.

School Updates

Thanks to @SmilingwithJerome Foundation...we now have a swing and slide added to our sensory yard.@Josette Frendo ... See MoreSee Less
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