Grade 2 at Noah’s Ark

On Monday 7th March 2016, our Year 2 pupils together with their teachers and LSA’s went to Noah’s Ark. This is an animal park located in the limits of Siġġiewi.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our friendly guide, Evette, who took us around showing us a variety of domestic and wild animals. The children enjoyed feeding peanuts to the parrots and monkeys. We found a friendly rabbit that enjoyed being patted and a shy wallaby that wouldn’t leave its shed. The children were both fascinated and scared of the majestic big cats they saw. There were two Siberian tigers, weighing an astounding 300kg, a Bengal tiger cub and two panthers.

After an informative and educational tour of the park, the children were given time for a picnic and some free play. Before we left, Evette decided to have a pop quiz with the pupils. She asked them questions about the park and the animals she had spoken to them about. Those who answered correctly were lucky enough to hold a barn owl and have a picture with it. Eventually, upon request, all the children held the bird and took photos with it.

Ms Katya Mercieca

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