Equivalence Dominoes

Grade 6 playing Equivalence Dominoes

A game of dominoes was used to consolidate and practise the previous lesson of comparing decimals, fractions and percentages. This simple yet fun way to learn was exercised by year 6 classes. The children were divided into groups and handed a set of dominoes having a fraction, decimal or percentage on each side and an instruction sheet which read as follows:

Equivalence dominoes
I. Shuffle the dominoes.
2. Deal seven dominoes to each player, and place the rest face down in a pile on the table.
3. The first player turns over the top domino of the pile. They look at their dominoes to see if they can match one end to one end of the domino placed face up. If they can, they put it in position. If they can’t, they pick up another domino put it in and try again.
4. The next player has their turn.
5. Keep playing until all the dominoes have been used or no one has a match.
6. The winner is the player with the fewest dominoes left.

Mr Kristof Scicluna

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