Environment Week

As members of the Environmental Team our job is to raise consciousness in raising the new generations with a new attitude and approach towards Mother Earth. Caring for the environment and other sustainable ways of living are ways to deal with this. As educators we urge you not only to encourage and involve our kids in the introduction to these new concepts but also to contribute and involve yourselves as parents too. You are more than welcome to contribute in this!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are some of the initial steps to care for the environment.

–> Reduction of waste through composting.
–> Picking up a plastic bag from the beach or other places will not kill you but it will definitely harm nature, so encourage such good examples.
–> Using containers instead of plastic bags or selofane for lunches is also a great way to reduce plastic.
–> Please do care about the amount of garbage in your household by realising what you throw away.
–> The amount of detergents you use should be minimal or environmental friendly.

–> Do give away unwanted clothing and other stuff you don’t need to others in need or to some organizations and NGOs that cater for this.

–> Sort your garbage. Recycling plastic, metal and paper is not a waste of time like some believe, but it makes more efficient use of Mother nature’s gifts to us. (That is raw material)

Composting is being introduced in our school. This is a way to lessen and reuse the amount of waste we throw away in our households. You can do this in your own homes to later grow your own herb garden, fruits or edible plants. In this way every individual would be lessening and cutting on a system of production and would make a household more sustainable and economic. This way of growing food is healthier due to the fact it is organic (without pesticides).
Throughout the year we will be planting and sprouting seeds and tackling a different subject almost every month to encourage these new concepts in our children.

Should you have any query don’t hesitate to ask me.

Much love and stay green!

Ms Olivia Spiteri
LSA & Member of the Environment Committee

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