Learning Activities 2015-2016

Facial Feature Crackers
During the month of October our classroom activities theme was Greetings and Feelings, where children started to learn how to express themselves and enhance their emotional development. For one of the activities, the Facial Feature Crackers, the children formed a smiley face with crackers and vegetables. At the same time this promoted healthy eating among the children. During that same week the children also learnt the nursery rhyme “If you’re happy”. Other activities took place in order to help the children understand that we are all very special.

Number 1 Biscuits
At Kindergarten level, the children learn to recognize numbers and their value. During the second week of November, All About Number 1 took place. For one of the activities, the children made a sweet dough and formed a number 1. We then cooked the Number 1 biscuits! We also had various other activities and games that helped the children learn more about numbers and counting.

During the first term, some activites about the five senses took place. Among the various activities that took place, the children planted some plants and while doing so they could feel the texture of the soil and seeds. Through this activity, the children could also understand that plants are living things and they need water to grow. The children took it in turns to water the plants three times a week. The activity also included the story of The Tiny Seed.

Ms Kathleen Spiteri
Kindergarten 1

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