CoPE Time

CoPE: Developing a Community of Professional Educators

Article 17.1 of the Collective Agreement between the church authorities and the Malta Union of Teachers for education grades in church schools and in the secretariat for catholic education, signed 7th August 2018, states that “active participation in Continuous  Professional Development (CPD) may be a strong enabler for a high quality educational service provision and ensures that the education grades’ professional status is nurtured. Through this agreement greater emphasis is placed on schools and individuals to seek the most appropriate professional development which best respond to the contextual, national and international needs with a particular focus on the respective communities’ learners, educators, and educational leaders. The concept of CPD is being widened to encompass all development opportunities that nourish the creation of a Community of Professional Educators (CoPE), which includes all initiatives that facilitate professional discussion and growth amongst community members, such as school development planning sessions, continuous professional development and links with the internal and external community. All education grades rendering service in schools represented in this agreement are required to actively participate in Management-driven CoPE sessions and shall be encouraged to also take part in Self-sought CPD sessions (recognised by MEDE and/or accredited by a recognised authority).”

Below are our photos of the CoPE sessions held for all the staff up till now during this scholastic year 2018-2019. Topics included our school SDP where we are working hard on Maltese Literacy and Discipline, new technological aspects: resources, apps, software etc…, LOFs (Learning Outcomes Framework) already introduced in Kinder 1 and Year 3, and Meditation for children in schools.

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