Christmas Exhibition

What a warm atmosphere!  We have such a wonderful ambience at Theresa Nuzzo School Marsa.    Christmas is in the air.  Happy faces are all geared up in preparation for the Christmas concert, and classes are decorated for this festive season.

Our school corridors are crowded with different types of cribs. Some cribs are made up from recycled material, and others made of bread or waffles.  Unwanted jars and bottles were back to ornaments with the originality of placing the nativity scene. Many original cards are displayed, some made out from old cards and twigs.   This was a great opportunity to give vent to our children’s creativity.  It gives us so much encouragement to see the participation of many students.  It is clearly seen that many children, also with the help of their families, put a lot of effort and worked on their projects with great care and love.  All participants will be receiving a certificate of participation next week.

We do hope that this exhibition encouraged all students to spend quality time with their parents in preparing their craft or crib.  But above all this, we hope that the warmth of this festive season fills our hearts with the joy of Jesus.  Let’s help each other to live each day with hope.  We can trust and hope that our hearts will be prepared for the birth of Christ.  Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.  We can try to remember any person who needs our love and with a simple gesture we can transfer this love to each other.  Christmas is also a time when we can feel the peace in our hearts of Christ, so we can try to stop from our busy lives and find some quiet time.  We can appreciate some silence and create some space where we can hear Jesus in our hearts.  It is only in this way that we can truly live the joy of Christmas.

Let us all really try to create this special time of peace and quiet in our homes, where we can honestly say that we are prepared for the birth of Christ in our hearts.

We do hope you will try to prepare yourselves for Christmas, not just by decorating the house or preparing the goodies, but even by creating the perfect atmosphere to open your hearts to Christ.

A happy and joyful Christmas to all!!

Ms Christine Zammit, LSA


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