Catch the drop Campaign!

April 6th was not a normal school day for our students in Grade 4. They participated in a three hourly session workshop called ‘Catch the drop campaign’. The ultimate goal was to make the students aware of the importance of water around us and how vital it is in our everyday life. The sessions were hosted by Ms Fiona Galea for Literacy and Science, Ms Marvic Refalo for History and Drama and Mr Anthony Vella for Art.

During the sessions the students practiced a wide range of activities. They had hands on experience to design their own water filter. They were taken back to the 1900 to compare the way water was used in those days with how we use it nowadays. They even thought of strategies on how water can be saved. They then drew a picture to show their message.

It was an enjoyable experience for all thanks to our hosts.

Ms Daniela Spiteri
Grade 4 Teacher

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