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School set-up
Theresa Nuzzo is a Primary Church school, having 12 classes from Year 1 to Year 6. School starts at 08:00 and finishes at 13:30.

Grades 5 and 6 pupils are taught by subject as in secondary schools. This enables our pupils to adjust easily when they move on to Form 1. The pupils transfer to a church secondary school by means of a ballot organised by the Secretariat of the Catholic church.

All the staff at Theresa Nuzzo work together as a community.

Parents are welcome to discuss their children’s progress by appointment.

During break times our pupils are divided into 3 groups so as to have ample space to run around and for safety reasons. We make use of the school yard, the football ground outside the school and the recreational pitch behind the school.

We are at the moment embellishing the school yard by means of murals to make it more attractive and pleasant for the children.


Many activities are organised at school, by PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and the Ladies’ Circle both during school hours and even after school time.
The first social activity to be organised by the PTA is in September. This activity is organised for new comers to our school.


The school has invested heavily in Solar Panels. We are very much aware of the environment and the importance of its care.
Every summer maintenance works take place and replacing of broken items or redecorating are always on our list. Class furniture has been replaced and modernised.

Our main aim is to create a holistic education, one that builds self- confidence, boosts self- esteem and keep to our school motto, ‘Love and Diligence’. As a school we highly believe in creating an environment which is safe, caring and highly inducive to learning.

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As a school with a BIG HEART, we always welcome new pupils and parents with a smile and a warm heart!

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